Electric Powertrain Test Systems

At a glance

Millbrook provided a global customer with a safe, long-life, high performance test system to test electric powertrain components. The system included three inverters and a battery simulator, an automated test system and auxiliary components.

Electric powertrain systems and driveline dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK
Electric powertrain systems dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK used to provide electric motor dynamometer testing services

Millbrook’s test systems allow customers to run performance, durability and NVH testing on their powertrain components.

Electric powertrain systems dynamometer test facility at Millbrook in Leyland, UK

The dynamometer test stands include a conditioned cooling system, high speed data acquisition, CAN communication and speed, torque, temperature and vibration measurements.

The systems can be used to test Power Transfer Units (PTUs), Rear Drive Units (RDUs), gearboxes and electric drivelines.

Electric Powertrain Test System Set Up

The system can be set up to use one, two or three electric motors in different configurations. For the customer, Millbrook set up the system with one high speed input motor and two high load output motors, in a T shape. Electric powertrain components were integrated and the battery simulator was used to power these throughout testing.

A typical powertrain test system architecture is made up of a drive cabinet powering up to three high performance AC induction motors and a battery simulator. It also includes a local instrumentation panel and a high voltage panel for easy coupling of battery simulator using plug-in connectors. A high speed data acquisition system with a sampling rate up to 51,200Hz, a real time controller with distributed IO, and a PC to run Millbrook’s automation test software (REPS) are also included.

Electric Powertrain Test System Capabilities

Millbrook’s electric powertrain test systems can be used for the following test types:

  • Break-in
  • Durability
  • High load
  • Transient and steady state temperature
  • Noise, vibration and harshness

The system allows users to customise test profiles to perform transient and steady state steps, set up cooling circuits, and log data at up to 1,000Hz. Cooling and heating units are integrated to allow customers remote control and detailed information from the conditioning system.

Millbrook designs, installs and commissions electric powertrain test systems and provides training and technical support to its customers remotely and on-site to help achieve their test demands.