Axle Test Systems

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Millbrook's axle test system provides customers with a streamlined method for testing their axles using a single, versatile test stand. Developed using years of design experience, this system incorporates the latest sensor, control, and power electronics.

High and low voltage electric powertrain systems development testing at Millbrook
Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering axle test system

Axle test systems come with AC input and output dynamometers that move axially to accommodate a variety of axle sizes. This allows the same drive shafts to be used for multiple axle designs. It also enables users to have precise speed and torque control of the dynamometers.

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering axle test system

Axle Tests

Using Millbrook's axle test systems, customers are able to successfully perform steady-state tests as well as more demanding, highly transient tests, such as:

  • Thermal cycles
  • Gear fatigue
  • Road-load simulation
  • Track playback
  • Torque bias
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Seizure
  • Durability
  • Key life
  • Impact testing

As part of the test system, Millbrook offers complete data post-processing. Millbrook axle test systems also allow users to set accelerometer limits to detect early failure. These limits can be changed during scheduled tests or manual operation. A detected failure will either de-energize the system (coast stop) or command a controlled-ramp stop.

Reps Test System Automation Cell Software Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering

Millbrook’s RE Pro System (REPS)

Millbrook designs, installs and commissions axle test systems and provides training and technical support to its customers remotely and on-site to help achieve their test demands.

All of these tests are easily scheduled using REPS for data acquisition and control. REPS provides customers with a direct interface to monitor an array of testing characteristics via user-customizable screens. Data is collected in real time on the REPS system and downloaded into ASCII, Excel, or TDMS formats that can be easily converted to other formats.

Find out more about REPSFind out more about REPSFind out more about REPS
Axle Test System at Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering USA

Millbrook’s axle test system allows customers to run performance, durability, efficiency and NVH testing on their powertrain components. The system can be used to test axle systems for passenger cars, off-highway and commercial vehicles. Systems can be designed or adapted to test electrified axles with battery simulation capability as well.

Sub-Systems Included

With Millbrook's axle test systems, sub-systems required for axle testing. Following are some examples:

  • Recirculating oil systems
  • Water-over-axle cooling systems
  • Adjustable axle-mounting fixtures
  • Drive-shaft systems

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