Millbrook offers turnkey dynamometer-based automotive test systems, enabling its customers to perform a full range of testing scenarios in-house - from the simplest to the most demanding.

Its dedicated project managers and engineers are the best in the business; they are always on hand to deliver customizable dynamometer-based test systems to fit each customer’s unique specifications.

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering axle test system

Driveline and Powertrain Test Systems

Designed for safety, durability, long life and high performance, Millbrook’s driveline test systems can handle a broad spectrum of driveline components, including axles, transmissions, transfer cases and shafts.

Millbrook’s powertrain test systems are built with a combination of engineering fundamentals, proven design concepts and modern technology. The systems offer the user the flexibility to test any type of product including engines, transmissions, hybrid transmissions, clutches and torque converters.

Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers

Electrification Test Systems

Millbrook offers leading-edge development systems for a variety of electric vehicle systems and components. Test rig configurations include back-to-back electric motor dynamometer testing, and electric motor-driven transaxle, battery, and inverter testing.

REPS software displayed in better test facility control room at Millbrook

Automation Software

Millbrook has developed a state-of-the-art data acquisition and control software platform called Revolutionary Engineering Professional System (REPS).  REPS is a robust, flexible and fully customisable software package that is tailored directly to the needs of the testing application. 

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