About Millbrook

Millbrook provides vehicle test and validation services and systems to customers in the automotive, transport, tire, petrochemical and defense industries. It is independent and impartial in everything it does.

It has a range of test facilities for full vehicles, tires and components located in the USA, the UK and Northern Finland.

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Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers

Millbrook in the USA

In the USA, Millbrook runs driveline test laboratories in Michigan (previously Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Inc.) and California. It designs, builds, installs, and services dynamometer test systems and associated data acquisition and test system automation software.

It deploys technical specialists and project managers across the world to provide test services and equipment to global customers in the automotive, transport and petrochemical industries.

Testing McLaren 720S on a 4WD Powertrain Test System and powertrain integration testing facility at Millbrook Proving Ground

Millbrook in the UK

In the UK, Millbrook operates its iconic Millbrook Proving Ground and a test facility in Leyland.

Millbrook has a range of test facilities for components and full vehicles. These include engine dynamometers, environmental chambers, e-motor and e-axle test cells, portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS)crash laboratories, interior systems laboratories, battery test facilities and advanced emissions chassis dynamometers.

At its Proving Ground, Millbrook has 70km of varied test tracks, including hill routes, high speed areas and challenging off road courses. Its professional drivers and engineers perform repeatable tests on all types of vehicles in a secure and safe environment.

Millbrook's corporate event venues host exceptional vehicle-related events for up to 5,000 people.

Electric vehicle cold weather test in an indoor winter test facility at Test World in Ivalo, Finland

Millbrook in Finland

Millbrook’s winter test facility, Test World, is based in Northern Finland and specialises in vehicle and tire testing in winter conditions. The team is expert at preparing snow and ice tracks for repeatable testing and at performing development and type approval tests on tires.

Test World introduced innovation to the tire industry with the world’s first indoor winter tire test facility. The facility opened in 2012 offering snow and ice traction and braking. Snow handling was added in 2015. With the addition of new indoor test facilities in 2018, it is the first in the industry to offer testing on natural snow, ice and wet and dry asphalt in one location, 365 days a year.

Millbrook employee in office in Germany

Millbrook in Germany and China

Millbrook has sales and service offices in China and Germany, established since 2010. The teams offer local expertise and in-country support for test systems and services provided by Millbrook globally.

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History of Millbrook

Millbrook Village in early 1900s

Millbrook takes its name from the nearby village where, in the early 19th century, a flourishing community of Mills nestled around a picturesque brook.

Milford Proving Ground, Michigan USA, Millbrook's Inspiration

In 1924, construction began on the General Motors Proving Ground in Milford, United States. Millbrook's design was inspired by this site.

Millbrook Proving Ground Hill Route then and now

In the mid-1960s, Vauxhall and Bedford decided that they needed a proving ground similar to those that General Motors operated in the USA. The company scoured the UK for a suitable site that was both flat and hilly, as hills were needed for testing. Eventually, Millbrook was founded.

Millbrook Proving Ground Belgian Pave under construction in 1960s - 1970s

Construction work began in April 1968. 2,600,00 cu.yds of earth were moved to sculpt the necessary track features into the existing but barren landscape.

Vauxhall and Bedford Truck on tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground 1970s

Millbrook officially opened in 1970. For the first 18 years, Vauxhall cars and Bedford trucks, buses and military vehicles consumed the efforts of the small staff team on site.

Lotus cars at Millbrook Proving Ground in 1980s

In 1988 a new company, Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd, was formed to trade independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Group Lotus.

Bus emissions test engineer working in the VTEC chassis dynamometer at Millbrook Proving Ground

In 1993 Millbrook was separated from Group Lotus by transferring its shares to GM Holdings UK Ltd. The company continued to flourish as an independently managed business by investing in high technology areas.

Test World, Ivalo, Finland, - view of winter test tracks and proving ground from the air

Millbrook Group was formed in 2015 when Millbrook acquired Test World, a world leading winter vehicle and tyre testing facility in Finland.

Spectris Logo

In 2016 Millbrook joined the Test and Measurement business segment of Spectris plc, a leading supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls.

JCB on a ride simulator test rig structural test laboratory at Millbrook

In 2017 Millbrook expanded its test capacity with the acquisition of a new site in Leyland, Lancashire. Opening in 1980 as Leyland Technical Centre, the site has an impressive set of facilities to test vehicles across commercial, automotive and off-highway sectors.

Electrified driveline test facility at Millbrook in California with two engineers

2018 saw Millbrook continue to expand globally with the acquisition of Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering; a test service and equipment provider headquartered in the US, with presence in China and Germany.

Workshops for hire at Millbrook Proving Ground's technology park autonomous car test facility

In 2019, Millbrook opened its Autonomous Village. Built to support the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), it consists of 6 purpose-built workshops and access to a private 5G network.

Battery performance test facility at Millbrook Proving Ground view from the air

2019 saw huge investments across Millbrook, including its Battery Test Facility, run by Millbrook's REPS software. Millbrook also installed its own EDU test systems at its site in Leyland.

Old vintage cars on the High Speed Circuit at Millbrook Proving Ground

In 2020, Millbrook celebrated 50 years since its Bedfordshire Proving Ground opened. The company marked this golden anniversary by speaking to its alumni and launching a brand new website.

Certifications and Accreditations

ISO/IEC 17025:2017

In the USA, Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard. The certificate and supplement showing the scope of accreditation are here, and also provided on the Perry Johnson Laboratory website www.pjlabs.com

In the UK, Millbrook is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2498 at its Bedford site and a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 10121 and a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 10121 at its Leyland site. Certificates of accreditation are linked from the text above. The respective current Schedules of Accreditation are shown on the UKAS website www.ukas.com

In Finland, Millbrook is, as Test World Oy, a Finas accredited laboratory No. T236. The certificate of accreditation is here, and information on the activities and locations within the scope of accreditation is provided through this link and is also available on the website www.finas.fi

ISO Management System Standards

Millbrook holds management system certificates for the following ISO Standards at the Bedford site in the UK: