Capabilities & Projects

Battery Pack Life and Performance

Millbrook conducts hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) battery life and performance testing within the climatic test chambers at its Battery Test Facility.

Battery Pack Performance and Life TestingBattery Pack Performance and Life TestingBattery Pack Performance and Life Testing

Capabilities & Projects

Seat Testing Laboratory

Millbrook tests the safety, performance, refinement and durability of vehicle, railway and aircraft seats. It offers support at each stage of a seat’s lifecycle.

Seat TestingSeat TestingSeat Testing

Capabilities & Projects

Electric Driveline Durability

Millbrook performed key life testing on gear set components of an EDU without an electric machine present inside the electric drive.

Durability and Reliability of Electric DrivelinesDurability and Reliability of Electric DrivelinesDurability and Reliability of Electric Drivelines

Capabilities & Projects

Real-Time Vehicle Data Acquisition

Millbrook's 4G LTE and 5G network offers full connectivity for test vehicles. Test data can be securely viewed and streamed remotely in real time.

Real-Time Vehicle Data Acquisition and ReportingReal-Time Vehicle Data Acquisition and ReportingReal-Time Vehicle Data Acquisition and Reporting

Capabilities & Projects

Active Safety Systems Testing

Millbrook uses test tracks, instrumentation and soft targets to test Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and vehicle active safety features.

ADAS TestingADAS TestingADAS Testing
Ev Battery Life Testing Facility Millbrook Proving Ground
Automotive Seat Test Laboratory Kuka Robot
Driveline Durability Wear Life Testing Rig
Real Time Data Acquisition Vehicle Testing Millbrook Proving Ground
Bus Active Safety Testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
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Millbrook worldwide

Home of driveline testing

Millbrook is based in the San Francisco Bay area, California and Livonia, Michigan (formerly Revolutionary Engineering Inc.). Its driveline test facilities serve the American, Asian and European automakers and Tier 1 suppliers that are developing next-generation electric vehicles.

Millbrook also designs, builds, installs, and services automotive dynamometer test systems for customers across the continents.

Dynamometer test systemsElectrified driveline test servicesMore about Millbrook in the USA

Any vehicle, any test

Millbrook operates its iconic Millbrook Proving Ground and a test facility in Leyland in the UK.

It offers test tracks for cars, trucks, buses and defense, off-highway vehicles, with a private 5G network and event venues. Its state-of-the art test laboratories cover everything from engine, e-motor and battery testing, to active and passive safety and durability.

Millbrook Proving Ground and test track hireVehicle, system and component test laboratoriesWhere it all began, 50 years ago

The ultimate winter

Millbrook’s winter proving grounds in Northern Finland, 300km north of the Arctic Circle, are home to purpose-built indoor and outdoor winter test tracks for vehicle and tire testing.

The Finnish test teams specialize in year-round cold weather testing. The facilities allow for simultaneous, controlled and repeatable testing on snow, ice, and wet and dry asphalt, 365 days a year.

Winter test tracks at Test WorldIndoor cold-weather test facilitiesTire testing for development, certification and labeling