Reinforcing Global Market Position

Reinforcing Global Market Position

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering (Millbrook RE) now has 14 dynamometer test benches with REPS test cell automation platform at its facilities in Livonia, MI. These systems are used to conduct efficiency, performance and durability tests, including gear fatigue, road load simulation and key life tests, on all types of traditional and electric driveline related products. Components are brought to the facilities from all over the world with customers benefitting from Millbrook RE’s driveline test expertise and world-class customer service.

Three of the fourteen dyno test benches have been added this year, within four months of committing to the expansion. Millbrook continues with its plans to grow capacity to satisfy demand and supply its customers with a wide range of traditional and electric powertrain test systems and services.

To customers wishing to conduct propulsion and driveline testing in-house, Millbrook RE offers a wide range of dynamometer test benches and the associated test cell automation system, REPS. With Millbrook RE’s experience in systems and controls, customers can expect test efficiency to rise and test durations to fall. Customers working with Millbrook RE can expect round-the-clock support to accommodate 24/7 testing operations.

Variable configurations, years of expertise and powerful, flexible software make Millbrook RE’s traditional and electric driveline test systems a trusted solution for a global customer base. Along with its global reach, the recent acquisition by Millbrook has brought a stronger financial support network, reinforcing Millbrook RE’s position in the growing electrification market.

Dynamometer test systems and automation platforms are currently being delivered to and installed in the US, UK, Germany and China to support projects including powertrain testing on inverters, driveshafts and transmissions, electric driveline testing on e-axles and e-motors, and battery testing.

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